Celebrities and Their Pets

Photo by nikoretro and reproduced under Creative Commons

Ever since Paris Hilton began roaming around the world with her pooch, Tinkerbell, and the success of movies such as Legally Blonde, the celebrity status of the stars has been given to their loveable pets as well. These days, it is quite normal and fairly regular to see famous people walking around with their furry friends in tow. From quick coffee runs to extensive shopping errands, the pets of these celebrities are always close by.

Celebrity Pets Living the Life

To be clear, pets of regular people and pets of celebrities in general are no different when it comes to the amount of love and affection they get from their human parents. No matter how spectacular or ordinary a person’s life is, the way they treat their pets is the same. However, it is good to point out that there are indeed differences in what they provide their furry little friends. It is but natural for celebrities to have the monetary means and connections to be able to provide a bit more than a regular income earning individual.

Here are the four ways celebrities care for their pets a little more than others do:

  1. Pet insurance. Yes, you saw it clearly, pet insurance. Not a lot of people would purchase personal insurance let alone pet insurance. Regular people would have to be strict about their monthly household budget and the money they spend for their pets would normally go to vet visits, food, toys and medicines. For celebrities however, they can well afford to provide their pets with some serious health care plans and amply do so. Find out pet insurance reviews by visiting this website.
  1. Pets get to constantly travel. Travelling with pets can be quite expensive and in addition to this, they would need a whole lot of documentation (with fees of course) to be able to make these pets fit for travel. But for celebrities, money is no object and can be paid for in a jiffy.
  1. Celebrity pets have their own help. From nannies, a personal driver and dog walker, they have it all.
  1. Celebrity pets have a decked out wardrobe.Celebrities constantly have their pets with them no matter where they go and it would just be natural for them to ensure that their furry little friends are photographed in their best outfits too.

Celebrity pets may be more taken care of in the sense that their human parents are capable of shelling out some serious bucks to keep them comfortable and well-kept and well-dressed. However, this does not mean that these pets are more loved and taken care of than a pet from a regular household. At the end of the day, what a pet needs is to know that it is truly loved.

Read more about pet insurance guide and compare pet insurance companies by clicking here.

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Should The American Lifestyle Be Envied?

America has a lifestyle like virtually no other country. We are healthy, wealthy and happy people, and our lifestyle is the envy of many people right across the world. However there is also a dark side to the American lifestyle.

America has a gun culture like no other country that I’m aware of, other than countries in war. In no other country that I’ve visited have I ever seen, in peace time, people walking around carrying firearms like I see in America.

We have an incredible history of firearm ownership and use. There have been an extraordinary number of school shootings in America. Originally I thought this was only a recent phenomenon, but I’ve discovered that school shootings in America go right back to 1884

And there’s been hundreds since then.

This is a phenomenon which is not recorded in any other country.

All of this is horrifying enough of its own. But what horrifies me even more is a recent article that I read about the number of children who are killed or injured by gunshot in America every single year.

Can you believe that there are somewhere around 10,000 children killed or injured in America every year by a gun. Yes that’s 10,000, with four zeros.

This is an appalling indictment on our society. It is something which must stop and something which our politicians should address immediately, however they seem completely incapable of doing so.

What is even worse is that many of these children are killed or injured by a gun in their own home. Because of our extraordinary gun culture many people own handguns, and leave them lying around, loaded, in their own home.

Of course children are very inquisitive, and if they find a gun laying around they will pick it up and play with it. Many children manage to shoot themselves, or a friend or family member, doing just this.

It’s an extraordinary indictment on all of us that this happens to one child, let alone thousands.

I think this is a major flaw in the American lifestyle, and one which obviously affects the health and well-being of many of our children. And there is something that can be done about it. Many things in fact.

Obviously it is an issue which should be tackled by our politicians. They seem unable to tackle this issue and I suspect one of the reasons is the extraordinary lobbying power of the NRA.

Of course it’s also a personal responsibility as well as a political responsibility. Every single person who owns a gun should acknowledge their responsibility to make sure it is not used against another human being except in the most extraordinary circumstances, and intentionally.

Of course it’s perfectly possible to secure a gun so that it cannot be accessed. You can buy extremely effective gun safes online and every single gun owner in the country should own a good gun safe. If you own a firearm and do not have a gun safe then you should purchase one immediately. If you don’t know which one to buy read some good gun safe reviews here http://www.gunsafeadviser.com/gun-safe-reviews/

There are safes available for just about any type of firearm, including a firearm with a scope. If you have one, or 100, firearms you must secure them in your home.

And of course there is much more that you can do. For instance there is a new campaign starting up called the ASK campaign which is designed to help parents protect their children from injury or death by gunshot.

You can help publicise the ASK campaign and this will help promote its message of keeping our children safe from firearms.

The American lifestyle is envied across the world. However this is one aspect of our lifestyle that is less than perfect, and one which must be addressed in the coming years or we will no longer be envied across the world. We will be laughed at.

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Tips On Getting That Celebrity Smile

Photo by Alex and reproduced under Creative Commons

Not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth or a perfect smile. The gleaming set of pearly whites, especially from celebrities, is usually a product of dental enhancement. You do not have to envy those celebrities, for they do have to spend on dental procedures so they can have those beautiful smiles and white, perfectly aligned teeth as part of their overall celebrity persona and their adoring fans. After all, they have to look good in front of the cameras, right?

You too can have that celebrity smile, with orthodontic procedures such as braces and general oral hygiene.

  • Do not rely on your dentist alone for your dental care. Although your dentist can take care of regular dental prophylaxis (scaling/cleaning), tooth extraction or tooth filling, it is your responsibility to see to your daily oral health. You should brush your teeth after a meal two or three times a day and remember to floss after each meal to remove food particles in between teeth. Never use toothpicks, which can damage tooth surface. Go for regular dental check-up and cleaning, which should be at least every six months. Find out more about tooth care and dental tips by visiting this website.
  • You have to watch what you eat as there are foods that damage your teeth. You might think that because teeth are covered with enamel they are not vulnerable. Acidic food can damage your teeth and erode the enamel surface. Refined food also adhere to the surface of your teeth more than coarse food. Too much sugar is damaging to the teeth as well. Soft candies go deep between the teeth and into the gums.
  • Just like sugar and sugary foods, alcohol turns to sugar as well. Sugar erodes tooth surface and will damage its structure.
  • Re-mineralize your teeth with fluoride. Keep some at home. Fluoride makes your teeth stronger to resist breakdown. When you visit your dentist, ask for fluoride recommendation. They come in either fluoride rinses or gels or you can ask for some alternatives.
  • Do not use your teeth to open soda and beer bottles or cut open plastic and foil bags. Your teeth must work as a group so that the distribution of force is more even. If you only use one or two particular teeth, the chances of breaking them is very high. While your teeth are hard, they are not strong like diamonds, which are used for cutting tools.
  • Develop good dental habits. Carry a hygiene bag with you especially if you are traveling. Have a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and rinse inside your hygiene bag. If you cannot brush your teeth immediately, use water to rinse your teeth.
  • If some of your teeth are crooked, have an orthodontist take a look at them and see if you need braces to get them aligned. While it is always good to have a complete set of teeth (adults have 32), there may be a need to remove some, especially the wisdom teeth, to ensure the proper growth and alignment of the rest.

Consider getting a dental insurance plan. The insurance can offset some of the costly orthodontic care that you or your children might need later. Just be sure that you know the coverage of the dental insurance plan. The plan is quite expensive so it is best to be sure what type of coverage for dental procedures you will be paying for.

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Hollywood Cosmetic Procedure Trends of 2014: Laser Hair Removal and Liposuction

Looking good is very important for this summer season. There are two Hollywood procedures that are gaining popularity among the average population. Laser hair removal will keep body hair from growing back and will leave the skin smooth. Liposuction helps get rid of the extra fat that a person is carrying around. These two procedures will make sure a person is looking good.

What you should know about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed beauty procedures in the United States. Lasers can be used to remove hair follicles on various body parts including the legs, underarms, face, bikini line, chest, and other areas. It only takes the laser a couple of seconds to remove each hair follicle.

During the procedure, the laser is adjusted depending on the location of the hair, skin color, and thickness of the hair. Each treatment lasts approximately six weeks. It may take several treatments for the hair to stop growing back. A common complain after treatment is the feeling similar to the pain of having sunburn. There may be some blistering on areas such as the face but blisters are more common among people that have a dark skin tone. Others may notice some redness or swelling.

For the next month, a person will notice the hair of the treated area falling out. This is nothing to worry about and is normal. The average price for laser hair removal is $235 per session. The price may vary based on the size of the treated area but you can visit this site to know more about laser hair removal costs.

It may take several treatments before the hair will not grow back. After each treatment, a person will notice that the hair is thinner and less of it grows back. Laser hair removal is great for people that do not want to be embarrassed by body hair. It is also recommended for people that have to shave often. Body hair is not attractive, and laser hair removal can solve this problem.

What you need to know about liposuction

Excess body fat is not attractive and is not openly accepted in Hollywood. When diet and exercise do not work, liposuction can help. This procedure removes fat from between the skin and the muscle tissues. A small tube is connected to a suction pump and is inserted into the skin. The suction breaks down the layers of fat allowing it to be removed from the body. This procedure is often used to help remove belly fat, the area referred to as the love handles, and other areas where stubborn fat rests.

Depending on the area where the fat is going to be removed from, the cost of liposuction will vary. The average price range is around $6,000. This will depend on the doctor as well as the amount of time the procedure is going to take. After having this procedure a person may notice bruising around the areas treated, swelling, some scarring, numbness, and pain. These symptoms may last several weeks. Learn more about liposuction by visiting www.liposecrets.com.

While there are a lot of related post-treatment discomforts, this procedure does have its benefits. Liposuction can remove fat from areas when diet and exercise are not enough. This procedure can help a person look and feel their best. Many famous people have had liposuction but will not admit to it. The Kardashian sisters have all undergo this procedure. Kim Kardishian’s liposuction is one of the most controversial Hollywood procedures. It is also rumored that Mariah Carey has also had liposuction.

Looking good is Hollywood is very important. Many people have trouble looking this good on their own. This year laser hair removal and liposuction are becoming more and more popular to help a person look and feel their best.

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A Celebrity Approach To Health and Fitness

When it comes to keeping fit and staying in shape, many get their inspiration from celebrities. They have the perfect balance of health and fitness, and every time they appear on screen, everyone aspires to be just like them. Hard as it may be to believe, celebrities are only human and their methods of getting fit are attainable. You just have to be diligent and committed to them. Here are some simple celebrity health and fitness regimes that you might find useful in your quest to get and remain fit.

Katie Holmes is one of the most recognizable celebrity faces in the film industry, and has a lean figure that is the stuff of dreams for many women. Yet, all she does to keep fit and trim is maintain a running routine. She mixes this up with some high intensity training. This is something that is attainable to almost everyone, and does not require much specialized guidance. It is cheap, the only things you will need are running shoes and you’re off! There is no need for expensive equipment. You do not need to make as much as a celebrity to buy a pair of running shoes! Many people, such as medical coders (a fast growing field), make a normal income but still earn enough to buy running shoes!

Running and high intensity training are forms of cardio exercises. They raise the fitness level by improving heart rate and circulation, and increase the aerobic capacity. This makes it easier for you to tackle daily activities like going up the stairs.

The effects on the heart and lungs normally result in a reduction of the likelihood to develop illnesses such as heart problems, stroke and high blood pressure. It is also an effective method of managing weight. One burns more calories in half an hour of running than they would in most other forms of exercise. It also strengthens the bones due to the added weight bearing exercise that the bones get. It is especially useful to teenagers who still have their bones developing.

Celebrities are often very busy, and can only spare a little time in their day for workouts. This is the same story for many people, and this news could be a welcome relief. It is also a motivation, knowing that you do not have to be a gym rat to stay fit. Trainers who have dealt with the celebrities say they like to do short intense workouts. Celebrities do high intensity circuit exercises, which involve doing rigorous exercise in short bursts of time, one after another. These help shape the muscle and boost one’s metabolism. One trainer who dealt with the legendary Halle Berry intimates that she liked to do intense thirty minute workouts during which one could burn up to 400 calories.

Celebrities also monitor themselves, preferably by keeping track of their hearts. A heart rate monitor might seem old fashioned, but it is the ideal way of knowing whether one is getting too active or being too sloppy; both of which can get in the way of results. The most effective rate would be between 60 and 85 per cent of the maximum heart rate. This is when the body is most active and burns the most calories.

Another way you could burn some extra calories if you really can’t run, would be to go for some brisk hikes. There are many benefits to this form of exercise as just being outside in nature can do wonders for your soul! (And the hiking can do the same for your body!) One thing you can do to spice it up a bit more even is to set up trail cameras along the path you will hike. Being able to see animals in their natural element, along the same path you travel daily, is invigorating!

So there you have it, celebrities are only human, but they have work out secrets that the rest of us do not know about. Knowing some of these secrets could be the key to attaining that fitness dream!

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5 Activities Celebrities Love To Do While On Vacation (Including My Favorite, Kayaking!)

When your favorite celebrities finally have the time for some rest and relaxation with their super hectic schedules, they don’t just rest and relax. They either travel to the world’s most exotic locations, or engage in some fun new activity that gets them up and going. So what do your favorite stars actually do when work is out of the way and the sun is up and shining?

Here are 5 fun activities celebrities love to do while on vacation:

1. Hit the Beach

Celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are often seen donning tiny bikinis when on vacation. When stuck in a studio for days on end, your favorite stars want nothing else but to get out, hit the sun, and swim in the hottest beaches of the world. Lady Gaga put Punta de Mita, Mexico on the celebrity map after being seen swimming in its waters. Other celebrities followed suit, such as Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff, and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The beaches of Hawaii is another favorite playground of celebrities. Expect to see the hottest stars lounging on the beach or swimming with the locals. Katy Perry, Will Smith and family, and Cameron Diaz have been spotted in Maui, whereas Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and Alicia Keys, have been snapped in Kauai. Other celebrity favorites include South Beach in Miami, Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu, and St. Tropez, France.

2. Surfing

One of the coolest sports in the world, celebrities want to get in all the action, too. Matthew McConaughey has been seen hitting the waves in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia, while Ashley Greene was stoked in Bali. Best friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were snapped surfing the waves of Hawaii, and David Beckham spent some quality time with his kids surfing in Malibu. Other surf enthusiasts include Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Stiller, Vanessa Hudgens, and many others.

3. Hiking

Celebrities are often seen hiking the trails on their days off. The Runyon Canyon in the heart of Hollywood is a favorite among celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Lea Michele, Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom, and Tyrese Gibson. Instead of hitting the gym, stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Liv Tyler, Olivia Wilde, and Amanda Seyfried would rather hit the treks.

4. Kayaking

While some stars just lie on the beach and relax, others like Kate Hudson in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil love to take it to the next level and take kayaking. Tom Brady famously fell off his kayak in the Charles River at Boston in 2009, while Ellen Degeneres and partner Portia de Rossi are avid enthusiasts. Other celebrities seen hitting the paddles are Michelle Williams, Jennifer Hudson, and David Hasselhoff. If you want to enjoy thing sport then let me be the first to say it is a very expensive activity to take on. My suggestion is to review a few kayaks from site such as the kayakcritic.net and then choose the best kayak you can afford!

5. Going to a Private Resort

When celebrities want to get away from it all, nothing beats the private resort as their favorite go-to. A famous resort in Los Cabos is a favorite among celebrities who love it for its privacy and seclusion. You won’t find any paparazzis here – just miles of crowdless and private white-sand beaches and private villas with Jacuzzis overlooking the sea.
Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo Dicaprio, Adam Sandler, and Charlize Theron are said to have been guests of this Mexican resort.

When it comes to vacations, celebrities truly know how to have fun.

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How Celebrities Keep Their Amazing Smile

Celebrities in general are known for their often glamorous dresses, extremely fit bodies, and that astounding smile. Just how do they keep those smiles so nice? Well, just like the rest of us, celebrities are humans that must take care of their health and fitness by eating proper diet and exercise regularly. As to their smile, there are a few simple tips that everyone can do on their own.

One of the most common ways celebrities keep their smile nice and bright is by flossing their teeth after brushing. This helps keep germs from sticking between teeth, and no one, especially famous stars who will be in the public eye almost everyday, wants disgusting germs in their mouths. Another tip that actors, actresses and other stars follow is to use whitening toothpaste when they brush. This helps ensure their teeth are very clean and white without any blemishes that could interfere with their public image. They also use good mouthwashes to keep plaque at bay and to maintain good hygiene in their teeth and gums.

Of course, a good smile is best maintained by eating correctly. Any celebrities’ nutritionist will tell you to eat foods with calcium, such as milk and certain vegetables to ensure teeth are strong and clean. In addition, foods such as pears, carrots, and apples will all help saliva flow, which in turn will help get rid of bacteria on teeth. Also, it is essential that celebrities avoid too much soda, which can corrode their teeth. Even energy drinks contain acids that have the same damaging affect. Moreover, smoking is another habit that can severely hurt dental health, and while some celebrities still do it, it doesn’t mean it is any less harmful. Many celebrities are supposed to avoid very sugary gums as well, because the sugar in it is quite harmful for teeth. Chewing sugar free gum instead, is advised.

Many celebrities go the extra step and get whitening treatments to maintain healthy looking teeth. Of course, there is always the possibility of looking through a home remedies guide for a white smile. While it is not likely that too many celebrities use these alternative methods, they are generally very effective. Some of these home remedies include mixing lemon juice, baking soda, and peroxide, and then swishing it in your mouth. You can learn more hom remedies for various illness such as chest congestion, toothache, or fever blisters over at homeremedyhelp.org.

Sometimes it is best to let a professional weigh in on dental health. That’s why celebrities generally have a dental health specialist regularly check on their teeth. These professionals make sure that the rules of a healthy mouth are being followed, and if not, they can make suggestions.

There are many ways that celebrities maintain a bright smile, with clean, healthy teeth. Most of these methods are in built in to their routine, ensuring that there are no issues with their public image. After all, who would care about a famous actor or actress whose smile was disgusting or repulsive? That would likely damage the celebrity’s career, hence portraying how important it is to maintain a nice image when it comes to dental health and bright smile.

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Star BBQ Or What Are Celebrities Eating During Their BBQ Parties

Here is a story of a party I attended at which plenty of celebrities were there, and they ate so much food that a few people went to separate areas outside to throw up. As we know, celebrities who host barbecues at their homes will only use the top-notch smoking equipment, and this equipment is high priced. While I was there I saw a few skinny makeup artists who gorged themselves on juicy steaks served with herbed oilive oil vinaigrette and there were also people eating veggie burgers and oven baked sweet potato fries. I ate some grilled shrimp and I sampled some of the mini steak sandwiches that one of the city's most popular celebrity chefs prepared.

Crazy Pool Party

I know celebrities act quite abnormal at times during parties and I witnessed it during the pool party at the star BBQ.  One actor jumped in the pool and attempted to do his version of “Dancing with The Stars” with two actresses at one time. He nearly slipped in the pool and thankfully another guest got him out of the pool along with the other actresses he danced with. There was another celebrity who took his cute baby swimming and this baby kept smiling and splashing the water with his hands.  Meanwhile three other celebrities decided to pour three bottles of Brut in the water for no reason.

Returning to The Food

At the long table I saw other meals such as barbecue ribs, barbecue chicken, a huge pot roast in natural juices, baked spinach dip and pita chips, and grilled lobster. In addition to this, I saw a roasted pig that was prepared with the one of the best electric smokers for BBQ that I've seen. A lot of the people ate more of the roasted pig than the other foods on the table and one person actually carved a chunk of the pig behind the host's back. Later in the afternoon someone brought out peach parfaits with sour cream and sliced almonds, and they were all gone within minutes. Since some of the celebrity's dogs were there they were fed ribs and roast, which made the dogs happy.

Fashion By The Decades

The celebrities arrived at the star BBQ dressed in outfits that resembled the past few decades and the outfits looked amazing. One celebrity wore an entire 1920s flapper dress with a finger wave hairstyle while three men all showed up dressed like World War II era soldiers. I saw some women dressed in blouses and 50s style poodle skirts while other men were wearing hip-hop clothing from the 80s. I took photos and then sent them to my relatives back home.


I had a great time at the star BBQ and while I thought some of the celebrities were nutty at times, they definitely were not boring to see. Celebrities seem to enjoy their lives a lot but I also know they're wearing emotional masks at these parties because some of them actually feel miserable about life. Nevertheless, they were pleasant overall.

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Dog Grooming for Celebrities Pets

I received dog grooming training from one of the city's dog grooming schools for celebrities and I'm in the process of learning about pet grooming services so that I can open my own dog grooming center. I've been researching celebrity trends as it relates to this and in this blog I'm going to discuss how celebrities take their cute dogs to luxurious dog grooming centers so that their dogs will get special treatment. At one dog grooming center that is popular with celebrities, the dog groomer bathes the dogs in sweet smelling organic dog shampoo and conditioner and then he takes a silk robe and uses it to dry the happy dogs off.

Celebrities' Insane Requests for Their Dogs

At another luxurious dog grooming salon in this city, the dog owners have freedom to make special grooming requests for their dogs. One celebrity recently requested that her dog's nails be painted in patriotic colors for the fourth of July  but this celebrity also wanted the dog's teeth to be brushed with bubble gum colored toothpaste so that the dog's teeth would appear blue. There was another celebrity who asked the dog groomer to trim the dog's hair to look like the poodle hairstyle that Lucille Ball sported in the 50s.

Ways Celebrities Care for Their Dogs

When they're not at the dog grooming salon, celebrities look after their dogs in various ways. There are some celebrities who decided to raise their dogs on a vegetarian diet so they hire a chef to come in and prepare homemade vegetarian dog food. You see other celebrities who run with their dogs for an entire hour just so that the dogs can maintain a healthy weight. Meanwhile other celebrities are massaging their dogs with essential oils to reduce scalp irritation and so that the dogs smell great.

Fancy Clothing for Dogs

If you know about celebrities and their dogs, they tend to dress up their dogs in a cute way. I went jogging two days ago and as I stopped at my favorite yogurt shop, I noticed a mini fashion display among the dogs. One dog was wearing a navy argyle sweater with socks on all four legs while another dog wore a light pink tutu with white lace socks. Three other dogs sported football jerseys designed for dogs while five other dogs wore graphic T shirts.

Now Back to The Dog Grooming Salon

I returned to the dog grooming salon with my dog Charcoal and once again I noticed more celebrities with their dogs. A particular celebrity wanted her dog to receive a one hour soaking bubble bath and before this dog got in with the professional bather, he was treated to a tasty bowl of dog food and a little sipping water. And another celebrity was all smiles after his dog received a brown sugar and honey scrub. In conclusion, celebrities have amazing bonds with their dogs and it is so funny to observe but I'm like that with my dog and I'm not a celebrity.

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7 Latest Red Carpet Hairstyles

Its award season and the red carpet is the best place to see some of the most amazing fashion and styling achievements in the world. Let´s have a look at the latest red-carpet hairstyles.


The beautiful Lypita Nyong’o, who recently won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her work on 12 Years a Slave, is the queen of short, asymmetrical hair styles. Her side swiped ‘do at the 2014 MTV Movie awards left us in awe, and the glittery hair band that she wore to the Academy Awards make her look every bit the Hollywood princess that she is.

Side-swept Waves

Long, side swept waves are beautiful, and are becoming quite popular with someone of Hollywood’s most amazing young starlets. Jessica Alba and Kate Upton both rocked the long waves at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, as well as pop star Ellie Goulding and British Singer-songwriter Rita Ora, just to name a few. This amazing look is very easy to obtain for even those of us without stylists on call!

Vintage Updo’s

Amy Adams has worked on everything from Disney films to Man of Steel, but the one thing that remains consistent is her love of vintage updo’s! She wore a stunning 40′s inspired updo to the 2014 BAFTAs, and another vintage inspired ‘do to the 2014 Academy Awards. Both times, her sharp profile and beautiful face were perfectly accented by the sharp tight hairdos. When paired with her stunning gowns, Ms. Adams was a sight to behold.

Side part Pixie

Pixie cuts are becoming more and more popular with the Hollywood Elite. Pop star Pink has been rocking the short spiky style for years in various colors, and even Harry Potter-alumni Emma Watson has cut off her long locks at one time or another. The side-part pixie has made more than one appearance on the red carpet recently. Charlize Theron looks amazing with her bright blond locks cut short, and Anne Hathaway has traded in the flowing Catwoman look for a shorter sportier cut.

Straight and Simple

Angelina Jolie is known for many things. She has starred in dozens of movies, has spend hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on humanitarian aid projects around the world, and was even recently named an honorary Dame. This amazing woman also has some the most beautiful straight hair in Hollywood and often wears it without any twists or adornment. You will need a flat iron straightener to achieve Jolie´s looks (go for a ceramic one). British pop star Lorde is usually known for her unruly curls, but for the 2014 Grammy Awards, she too wore her hair in a simple straight style.

Pony Tail

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the simplicity of the basic pony tail. Voice actress Laura Bailey is well known for showing up at Red Carpet events with her hair pulled back into a stylishly tousled ponytail. Country singer Taylor Swift is also a fan of the simple style, and will often wear her luscious blond locks pulled back in to a smooth and stylish tail.


Fans of the fancier updo’s will not be disappointed. The elaborate chignon updo’s have also made their appearance recently on the red carpet. Katy Perry’s elaborate ballerina-inspired chignon was the star of the show at the 2014 Grammys, and Cate Blanchett’s loose chignon was a stunning compliment to her amazing gown at the 2014 BAFTAs.

Red carpet hairstyles are some of the most amazing examples of styling prowess that you will ever see.

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Popular Celebrity Trends Of 2014

For many people being a true fan means talking and looking the part of their idol. Due to the nature of their work, celebrities keep changing their lifestyles, how they look, what they wear, what they eat and what they do. Some changes are drastic while others are mild. It is up to you to decide which one to adapt and which one to leave out. You have to be constantly on the watch to keep up with their changing trends year after year. With that in mind, here are some of the top celebrity trends of 2014:

Quirky Prints, Bold Florals, Metallics and Iridescent Fabrics

Nothing changes fast like fashion when it comes to what celebrities are wearing so it is only befitting to start here. We have seen polka dots, feminine prints, dainty prints, but this year celebs are wearing bolder, bigger and louder prints, which is actually very exciting. Florals this spring are also bright and bold unlike the usual style of previous seasons. Metallics and iridescent fabrics are also popular with celebs this year, and designers are offering measures normally not seen in spring. Other fashions that are on this year include pastels, crop tops, logos, Bermuda shorts, and distressed fabrics.

Iced-Out Hair Colors

This year celebs are rocking new flying colors on their hair from Natalie Portman’s sombre locks to Julianne Hough’s icy blond hue. If you want to change your hair color this year, learn some of the popular celebrity colors you can go for. Blond celebs are going for the traditional warm gold colors to silvery or iced-out hues. Brunettes are moving from golden or caramel dimensional highlights to icy brown-toned highlights. Strong reds are also back in fashion after several years of being downplayed. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman are showing their fiery side with the peachy, golden shade.

Safer Consumption

There’s been a trend in using safer alternatives to traditional consumption of marijuana. The younger celebrities have adopted this new portable vaporizer trend in order to take it easier on their lungs. Even the young and reckless are starting to wisen up and use vapes like the atmos raw and G Pen in order to prevent large amounts of tar from entering into their lungs.


Vegan Diet

Just in case you are wondering how icons like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie manage to ward off weight gain and look fabulous on the red carpet, the secret is dieting. There have been numerous outrageous diets that celebs have tried in the past but this year most of them are staying clear of that extreme stuff. The most popular diets this year are the 22 days diet popularized by Beyonce, the ancient grains diet used by Angelina Jolie, the sakara diet and the alkaline diet. What all these diets have in common is that they are vegan diets involving the use of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and avoid meats, dairy, and pasta.

High-Performance Hybrids

When you hear the word hybrid car, fuel efficiency and limited functionality come to mind. Recent financial uncertainties mean that even celebs have to look for ways to save, but they also want to have cool cars. Thus the introduction of high-performance hybrid rides, which celebs are spending big on this year. These vehicles give you the performance and look you desire, while being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Top 5 Celebrities & The Most Prominent Gadget They Have Been Spotted Carrying

Justin-Bieber-Uses-Flashlight-To-Find-GirlsThe schedules of modern day celebrities happen to be quite demanding, so it is not surprising that they attempt to stay in touch with the most recent gadgets.

Today, most celebrities happen to be carrying some gadget or the other, and here is a rundown of the gadgets some of the most popular celebrities seem to love.

1. Jennifer Hudson’s iPod

Just because she is an actress and recording artist herself does not mean that she cannot listen to some music whenever she gets the chance.

In fact, Jennifer has her own selection of music that she is obsessed with. So, it is not surprising that she is frequently spotted listening to her iPod, whether is waiting on the set or walking in New York City.

2. Paris Hilton’s Blackberry Torch

Paris Hilton happens to be fiercely loyal to BlackBerry. When he older SideKick had gotten hacked, she switched over to BlackBerry, and has never wavered ever since.

Previously, she had a BlackBerry Curve, but she upgraded to the BlackBerry Torch, which she whipped out during the launch of her 2011 Shoe Collection to snap a photo with its 5 megapixel camera.

3. Kim Kardashian’s -Mobile Sidekick LX

Kim Kardashian is known for being a text-messaging addict and she used to “Keep Up” with her family and friends by texting them from her T-Mobile Sidekick LX.

However, Kim is apparently also quite a charitable person and so she had auctioned her autographed Sidekick LX phone on eBay for charity in 2008. She managed to receive $461 for the phone, which she donated to the Dream Foundation.

4. Hugh Jackman’s iPad With Neon Green Case

Not only does Hugh Jackman–who has become somewhat synonymous with Marvel’s Wolverine–own an iPad, his iPad has been seen nestled within a neon green protection case.

In 2011, the iPad and the case was spotted in Hugh’s hand along with a copy of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” while he held a muffin in his other hand.

5. Mischa Barton’s T-Mobile Sidekick

Mischa Barton had become famous for her role as Marissa Cooper, one of the core characters on The O.C. Much like her wealthy character, Mischa seems to be quite savvy when it comes to staying connected, considering that she has often been spotted with her T-Mobile Sidekick.

Years ago, Mischa Barton’s fashion sense also became a part of Hollywood’s Sidekick II City party.

Bonus: Justin Bieber’s Torch

Apparently, portable flashlights are something that Justin Bieber would most likely find handy.

Not so long ago, Justin Bieber had made an appearance at a nightclub with a flashlight in hand; he was apparently looking for girls in the crowded, dark club. Whether it was his fame or his flashlight, he did manage to get the attention of two girls, and also got involved in a fight later that night.


Celebrities are human after all, and much like any modern techhead of today, celebrities like the ones above have their own favorite gadgets.

Apparently, even celebrities cannot leave home without their handy-dandy gadgets, no wonder they are frequently spotted chatting on their smartphones, listening to music on their iPods or even with a flashlight.

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Celebrities who Enjoy Playing Bingo

Bingo game is, I bet, the most popular game of chance that has been played by many people over the years. It is now even more rejuvenated with new glamorous followers in the name of celebrities. There are quite a good number of celebs who are now bingo pros. This has been contributed by the internet revolution, which has made bingo game more popular and accessible to everybody.

Bingo game, which is an inherently British form of entertainment, has cheered up many celebrities over time where many have been picking up a calling card in their respective downtimes.

There has been transformation in the perception of the bingo game. It should be remembered that earlier on, bingo game was being associated with house wives or hen parties alone. In recent years the game has attracted endorsements by celebrities from different social facets!

These celebrities have taken bingo game a notch higher. Some of the famous figures who have advocated for bingo game include Kerry Katona, Sharon Osbourne, Katie Price, comedian Vic Reeves, and EastEnders lovable landlady Barbara Windsor.

The technological advances have revolutionized the way the game is played, which has increased the interest in the media platforms. Let us look at some of the biggest endorsers of bingo game:

Russell Crowe

It is a misguided belief that bingo game is only for women, as some could perceive. It is also the favorite online game to those tough talking men in our society. Russell Crowe was a familiar face in our screens and of stage. But before this, he worked as a bingo game caller!

He was allegedly fired because of changing some of the best iconic calling phrases into ruder versions. In spite of this, Russell Crowe confesses to have a weakness for the bingo game- to check local listings and the ever presence urge of participation.

Denise Van Outen

She makes a list of many women who enjoys bingo game in the UK. Denise Van Outen has confessed to have good time in her odd trip to her local bingo hall.

However it is not known the specific place that she visits to enjoy bingo game, but there are a couple of options for those who would like to follow in her footsteps.

One way of wining and pocketing great sums of money is through visiting your local venue or even taking advantage of many online bingo sites available.

Robbie Williams

He is a celeb who has publicly confessed his falling in love with online games, one of them, being bingo. He is a great fan of bingo, despite the controversy that may be brought about by the launch of his own online poker site. His experience with online bingo game is incredible.

This can well be demonstrated in his participation in the Hollywood bingo competition, where he scooped a prize and donated some funds towards worthy charities. It made all who were involved have an unforgettable experience.

Prince William and the Queen

The endorsement of bingo game from the royal family including Prince William and the Queen is worth mentioning. The royal seal of approval of bingo cannot be over emphasized. The two enjoy the game and have contributed in giving it its status. Prince William has been spotted joining other bingo game fans after coming from a training session in Sandhurst.

Ricky Tomlinson, who is one of the members of the Royle family, cannot hide his love of bingo game. He also once worked as a bingo caller and later released a song and a DVD which were dedicated to lovers of bingo the world over. The release heightened the level of bingo game.

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Top Classy, Small Family Vehicle to Consider

Photo by JOHN LLOYD and reproduced under Creative Commons

Minivans and SUVs are preferred by celebrities, whether they have a family or not, because it provides them better protection and plenty of space for their luggage, clothes and other paraphernalia. If you have a small family and want to buy a classy, compact car, there are also several choices. These cars are winners in the best family car category. They are luxurious, safe, comfortable, and have ample space for parents, two children and an assortment of stuff.

Buick Verano

This is a compact car that exudes luxury. The Buick Verano has upscale styling, quiet cabin and plenty of standard equipment installed in a modern car. It Buick IntelliLink allows the integration of a smartphone and audio streaming via its infoainment system. It has 10 safety airbags that ensure passenger protection. The styling is peppy and athletic that will go perfectly with a modern household. Its fuel consumption is quite decent, too, using 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. It has plenty of cargo space, luxuriously finished interior using premium materials and very cushy seats. New features include rear cross traffic alert, rear parking sensors, lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring.

BMW 2-Series

If you are looking for stability and comfort, the BMW 2-Series delivers. The base edition comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with either an eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The 228i has a fuel economy of 23 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. The interior is very user-friendly and attractive, although some reviewers say there is plenty of hard plastic. The front seats are spacious and the back seats are very suitable for kids, with a decently sized trunk. The controls and gauges are easy to use and read according to critics. Standard features include the BMW’s iDrive infotainment system that has a 6.5-inch display, Bluetooth, USB port, and HD Radio. Other features may include a 12-speaker surround-sound audio system (Harman Kardon), satellite radio, automatic parallel parking system, rear parking sensors, rear view camera and moonroof.

Acura TSX

Among the upscale small car category, the Acura TX presents a fun-to-drive, intelligent car with balanced handling and a well-appointed interior. The base car has a four-cylinder engine that has adequate acceleration. A V6 engine and six-speed manual transmission are optional, while the five-speed automatic transmission is standard. Its EPA rating is decent as well – 22 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. Its strong brakes, accurate steering and good suspension make Acura TSX a joy to drive. The front seats are roomy but test drivers think that the backseats could use more legroom, although it presents good comfort for small children. For a compact car, it has enough cargo space. Standard features of the Acura TSX include a power moonroof, an auxiliary input port, a USB port, Bluetooth, a seven-speaker stereo system and heated leather seats, a big plus for a small family with little children.

Dodge Dart

The Dodge Dart does not have a hatchback but for a family with small children, its 10 airbags makes it a safe and better choice. It is also an economical family car, with an EPA of 27 mpg for city travel and 39 mpg on the highway. The Dart has more passenger room than most of the cars in the compact class. The car features heated front seats, an easy to use 8.4-inch UConnect touch-screen with navigation included, an iPod interface and a rear view camera.

Read about the benefits of buying small and fuel efficient cars by visiting this website.

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Celebs Favourite Juicy Recipes

Everyone knows what a hard life your average celebrity has. Long days, never ending interviews, invasion of privacy. Ok, well maybe it isn’t so bad but it is important for people that are in the public eye to keep fit and healthy and full of energy so that they can fulfil their obligations. I have followed Blake Lively for a while – since Gossip Girl. I find her style so effortless and she always looks chic. Like me she is a big fan of juicing which is drinking raw fruit and vegetables. Drinking them in their raw form means you take in the maximum nutrients and okay, although some of the juices look odd they are usually tastier than they appear!

If you are into juicing then you might have lots of recipes but I find that I stick to the same couple of ones time and time again. I recently read that Blake Lively has a favourite juice so I gave it a go in my juicer and it was delicious. I lt is a green juice and I love green juices – they are usually healthier.

Here is the recipe:

1 cup of kale
2 swiss chard leaves
2 green or red apples
1/2 a small beetroot
1/2 cup of pineapple
1 sprig of fresh mint
1/2 cup of parsley
1/2 lemon – peeled

N.B! Remember to always peel the citrus fruit.

I use a masticating juicer by the way and these are best for green juices I find. I used red apples because I find them a little sweeter and that helps to counteract the taste of mint as I am not usually a fan of mint in juices but this one works. Give it a go and adjust it to suit your taste. Blake Lively loves this juice as way to “get her dose of fruit and vegetables in one go”.

Debra Messing says that she drinks a green juice every single morning. She isn’t a fan of many vegetables – like so many of us – but this is a perfect way to get them into your diet.

This made me wonder what other celebrities enjoy to juice, or to eat and drink in general. If you take a look on the internet at your favourite celebs you can often find a lot of inspiration and some ideas you might not have thought of otherwise. Being surrounded by dieticians and nutritionists means that our favourite celebrities often have access to ideas and information that we don’t get so keeping an eye out for their news and blogs is a good way to stay one step ahead of the crowd. If it is good enough for them it’s certainly good enough for us!

Keeping fit and healthy is vital for everybody and especially those that have jobs that can physically drain you – such as celebrities who are always rushing around, or athletes who need to get the most of their body at all times. Take some inspiration and motivation from the stars and bring a little bit of celeb health into your life.

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It’s What You Drive…

…That tells me who you are. Well, to some extent at least.

I can still remember my very first car. It was a French imported car, and in those days French cars were not made to last. So pretty soon I had to buy a second car that would actually run.

Moving Up the Corporate Ladder

As I moved up the so called corporate ladder I started earning more, and as I started earning more I wanted to show that to the world by buying a bigger and more expensive car. My last new car I bought was a Hyundai Santa Fe All Wheel Drive. Nice car!

Famous People are No Different

To some extent famous people are no different from you and me. The only difference is… well, that they are famous, and everybody knows them.

But when it comes to cars they are just like you and me: the more money they make, the bigger the cars they will drive. Lets have a look in the world of Glitter & Glamour and see what today’s actors and actresses drive.

What Famous Actors Drive

Pierce Brosnan, the man who once played the star in one of my favorite movies (James Bond) also drives my favorite car ever: an Austin Martin Vanquish. While the man who possibly could become the future James Bond, Mr. Brad Pitt is much more environmentally friendly when he drives his BMW 7 series that is hydrogen powered.

Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, always a man of impeccable taste drives a white Maybach 57 S. A car that suits a man of his stature. Benji Madden the guitarist probably drives the most famous car of all. He drives around in a 1950 Ford Shoebox. If you’ve never seen this car before, it is worth Googling this.

But what about the actresses?

What Famous Actresses Drive

It appears to me that famous actresses tend to drive more family cars. Have a look and judge for yourself.

Halle Berry for instance drives a nice big Lexus RX400 hybrid car. While Mary Kate Olsen takes her family around in the Porsche Cayenne. Maybe not your standard family car, but it will fit a few family members I think.

The presenter Ulrika Jonsson has chosen the Jeep Grand Cherokee as her means of transportation. And the grandmother of funk and soul, Mrs. Tina Turner is going Italian by driving a Fiat 500 XL, which is out of all the family cars my favorite one.

Of course there are plenty of actresses that opted for the fast sports car (like Scarlett Johansson who drives a tiny BMW Z4).

The Strangest of Them All

Wrapping up this article I want to mention the man who probably drives the strangest car of them all. He is also the man who possibly could run for Governor for the state of California, Mr. George Clooney. He has been spotted driving around in an electric two seater called the Tango 600, a really small car. Nice going George!

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